12th Anniversary of Bitcoin

It was the 12th anniversary of the publication of Bitcoin’s whitepaper on October 31st. Since its inception, Bitcoin has become an important point not only in the financial world ,but also in the lives of many of us, with the technology and philosophy it represents. For this reason, in our article, we will discuss the background of Bitcoin, the values it expresses, the substantial developments and the current situation and the consistency of the founding goals.

  • Genesis Block, the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain network, was created, January 3, 2009
  • The first Bitcoin transfer from Satoshi to Hal Finney was realized, January 12, 2009
  • Bitcoin Market was established, 2010
  • MtGox crypto stock-exchange was established, 2010
  • The first Bitcoin mining pool was established and started operating, 2010
  • Account information of 60,000 customers was stolen from the MtGox database.
  • A person with executive authority in the exchange, dropped the BTC price from $17.51 to $0.01 by placing fake sell orders.
    Bitcoins in the balance of about 600 users were stolen. 2011
  • The first Bitcoin halving was realized. 2012
  • MtGox executives were found guilty and the stock market closed by entering bankruptcy process. 2014
  • A license called Bitlicense has been issued to do business related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 2015
  • China has banned Bitcoin trading. 2017
  • Bitcoin, increased to the $20,000 level. 2017
  • Many central banks, especially the USA, EU and China, are working to issue their own cryptocurrencies.
  • Facebook is preparing to launch its own digital currency called Libra.
  • Companies outside of the cryptocurrency industry also started keeping Bitcoin in their treasury against inflation.
  • US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s second biggest supporter of the election campaign owns a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Iran’s Central Bank announced that they will buy Bitcoin from miners in the country to circumvent import sanctions.
  • Paypal announced that it will provide cryptocurrency trading services.
  • Ethereum, the 2nd largest cryptocurrency, launched largest development update ETH 2.0.
  • Defi, which brings a cryptocurrency-based solution to the finance field, is on the agenda with a number of innovations that it provides, such as providing users with loans in return for cryptocurrency collateral, and making everyone become a liquidity provider to DEX exchanges.